Interface ObjectAnnotator<S>

Type Parameters:
S - for Shape, but this could be anything
All Superinterfaces:
Calc0<S>, CalcInvoke<S>, CalcValue<S>, Improver<S>, LazyCalc<S>
All Known Implementing Classes:
CircleFinder, MultiLineDirectionAnnotator, PolygonAnnotator

public interface ObjectAnnotator<S>
extends Improver<S>

ShapeAnnotator takes a shape in and annotate it, without changing the version

Sami Badawi

Method Summary
 boolean isAnnotationsFound()
          Try if there is anything that can be annotated.
Methods inherited from interface org.shapelogic.polygon.Improver
createdNewVersion, getInput, setInput
Methods inherited from interface org.shapelogic.calculation.LazyCalc
isDirty, setup
Methods inherited from interface org.shapelogic.calculation.CalcValue
Methods inherited from interface org.shapelogic.calculation.Calc0

Method Detail


boolean isAnnotationsFound()
Try if there is anything that can be annotated. return true if there is.

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