Interface CalcInvoke<T>

Type Parameters:
T -
All Superinterfaces:
Calc0<T>, CalcValue<T>, LazyCalc<T>
All Known Subinterfaces:
Improver<S>, ObjectAnnotator<S>, PolygonImprover, Task<T>
All Known Implementing Classes:
AndTask, BaseTask, BooleanTask, CalcAndSetTask, CalcAndSetTasks, ChainCodeHandler, CircleFinder, CountCollectionGreaterTask, CountCollectionTask, ExistTask, ExistTasks, FilterCountGreaterTask, FilterCountTask, FilterPolygonForSmallLines, FunctionCalcInvoke, FunctionEvalCalcInvoke, LineProperties, MultiLine, MultiLineDirectionAnnotator, MultiLinePolygon, NumericGreaterTask, ParametricRuleTask, PixelTypeCalculator, Polygon, PolygonAnnotator, PolygonEndPointAdjuster, RootTask, SimpleNumericTask, SimpleTask, SingleListStream, SVGReader, XOrTask

public interface CalcInvoke<T>
extends LazyCalc<T>, Calc0<T>

Calc0 is does a lazy calculation of a value, that does not have any dependencies. This is what LazyCalc was before. This is sort of the InputStream0, does the calculation with no input

Sami Badawi

Method Summary
Methods inherited from interface org.shapelogic.calculation.LazyCalc
isDirty, setup
Methods inherited from interface org.shapelogic.calculation.CalcValue
Methods inherited from interface org.shapelogic.calculation.Calc0

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