Interface Calc0<Out>

Type Parameters:
Out -
All Known Subinterfaces:
CalcInvoke<T>, Improver<S>, ObjectAnnotator<S>, PolygonImprover, Task<T>
All Known Implementing Classes:
AndTask, BaseTask, BooleanTask, CalcAndSetTask, CalcAndSetTasks, ChainCodeHandler, CircleFinder, CountCollectionGreaterTask, CountCollectionTask, ExistTask, ExistTasks, FilterCountGreaterTask, FilterCountTask, FilterPolygonForSmallLines, FunctionCalc0, FunctionCalcInvoke, FunctionEvalCalcInvoke, LineProperties, MultiLine, MultiLineDirectionAnnotator, MultiLinePolygon, NumericGreaterTask, ParametricRuleTask, PixelTypeCalculator, Polygon, PolygonAnnotator, PolygonEndPointAdjuster, RootTask, SimpleNumericTask, SimpleTask, SingleListStream, SVGReader, XOrTask

public interface Calc0<Out>

Calc0 is basically a Closure with 0 inputs.
Used in a lazy calculation of a value, and lazy stream with no input.
The goal is to make lazy calculation and lazy streams as interchangeable as possible.
Using the same names as Neal Gafter's Closure prototype. Might be changed to be a sub interface of them later.

Sami Badawi

Method Summary
 Out invoke()

Method Detail


Out invoke()

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