Package org.shapelogic.mathematics



Class Summary
ArrayOperations Mathematical operations on arrays in common use.
MaxAccumulator AddAccumulator is an accumulator that add integers.
NaturalNumberStream Generated Natural Number.
NumericTruthTableStream NumericTruthTableStream creates Numeric Truth Table Stream with different phases.
PrimeNumberStream Generated Prime Number.

Should this be based on a BaseListStream, when there is no input?
Probably not.
How should they be generated?
I could say start by last number and add until you get one that does not have any of the previous as divisors.
There can be a stop value:
start index default 0

max last / last number default not set
StorelessDiscriptiveStatistic Find min, max, mean, standard deviation, variance.
This exist in Apache Commons Math, but each statistic would have to be done individually.
SumAccumulator AddAccumulator is an accumulator that add integers.

Package org.shapelogic.mathematics Description


Classes for mathematics.

This is not linear algebra, which is delegated to external libs.
The goal is the work well with streams and lazy calculations.


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