Class NaturalNumberStream

  extended by org.shapelogic.streams.BaseCommonStream<E>
      extended by org.shapelogic.streams.BaseCommonNumberedStream<java.lang.Integer>
          extended by org.shapelogic.mathematics.NaturalNumberStream
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.util.Iterator<java.lang.Integer>, CalcValue<java.lang.Integer>, ContextGettable, LazyCalc<java.lang.Integer>, RecursiveContext, NumberedStream<java.lang.Integer>, Stream<java.lang.Integer>, StreamProperties

public class NaturalNumberStream
extends BaseCommonNumberedStream<java.lang.Integer>

Generated Natural Number. There can be both a start and stop value:
start index default 0

max last / last number default not set

Sami Badawi

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.shapelogic.streams.BaseCommonStream
_context, _current, _dirty, _last, _maxLast, _name, _nullLegalValue, _parentContext, _query, _value
Constructor Summary
NaturalNumberStream(int maxLast)
NaturalNumberStream(int startIndex, java.lang.Integer maxLast)
Method Summary
 int getStartIndex()
 java.lang.Integer invokeIndex(int index)
          Calculate the value at an index.
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calcAddNext, get, hasNext, hasNextBase, isCached, isRandomAccess, next, setLast
Methods inherited from class org.shapelogic.streams.BaseCommonStream
getContext, getInContext, getIndex, getLast, getMaxLast, getName, getParentContext, getValue, isDeterministic, isDirty, isNullLegalValue, remove, setLastFromInput, setMaxLast, setNullLegalValue, setup
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Constructor Detail


public NaturalNumberStream()


public NaturalNumberStream(int maxLast)


public NaturalNumberStream(int startIndex,
                           java.lang.Integer maxLast)
Method Detail


public int getStartIndex()


public java.lang.Integer invokeIndex(int index)
Description copied from class: BaseCommonNumberedStream
Calculate the value at an index.
So it gets the needed input value and call the appropriate invoke function.
Can this be used for a filter call?
The index does not make sense for a filter since you do not know where the input is coming from. So maybe just ignore it.
This is a little messy but less messy that what is there now.

Specified by:
invokeIndex in class BaseCommonNumberedStream<java.lang.Integer>

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