Interface IColorDistanceWithImage

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ColorDistanceWithImage1, ColorDistanceWithImage1RGB

public interface IColorDistanceWithImage
extends IColorDistance

A mathematical norm and distance in different color spaces.
So it is a distance that conforms with the vector multiplication.
This does not just apply to the color itself but also to the standard deviation.
How do I present the combination in a simple way?
For gray I could make a vector of 2 integers.
For color I could make a vector of 4 or 6 integers.
Maybe I can use a 1 norm that is divided by the number of dimensions.
I am not sure that the variations in the std is as big and as important as the color variations.
Maybe all I need to do is giving some weights as input.
Maybe I could even have one norm that worked with different dimensions, with different weights.

Sami Badawi

Method Summary
 double distanceToReferenceColor(int x, int y)
 SLImage getImage()
 void setImage(SLImage image)
Methods inherited from interface org.shapelogic.color.IColorDistance
distance, distance, distance, distanceToReferenceColor, setReferenceColor

Method Detail


double distanceToReferenceColor(int x,
                                int y)


void setImage(SLImage image)


SLImage getImage()

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