Interface IColorDistance

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ColorDistance1, ColorDistance1RGB, ColorDistanceWithImage1, ColorDistanceWithImage1RGB

public interface IColorDistance

A mathematical norm and distance in different color spaces.
So it is a distance that conforms with the vector multiplication.
This does not just apply to the color itself but also to the standard deviation.
How do I present the combination in a simple way?
For gray I could make a vector of 2 integers.
For color I could make a vector of 4 or 6 integers.
Maybe I can use a 1 norm that is divided by the number of dimensions.
I am not sure that the variations in the std is as big and as important as the color variations.
Maybe all I need to do is giving some weights as input.
Maybe I could even have one norm that worked with different dimensions, with different weights.

Sami Badawi

Method Summary
 double distance(ColorChannels color1, ColorChannels color2)
 double distance(int[] color1, int[] color2)
 double distance(int color1, int color2)
 double distanceToReferenceColor(int color)
 void setReferenceColor(int color)

Method Detail


double distance(ColorChannels color1,
                ColorChannels color2)


double distance(int[] color1,
                int[] color2)


double distance(int color1,
                int color2)


double distanceToReferenceColor(int color)


void setReferenceColor(int color)

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