Package org.shapelogic.util

Utility, miscellanies


Interface Summary
KeyValueParser Parse arguments and set them in an object.
OHInterface Maybe this should just be super abstract What does it need? A name or an OH name A group or parent

Class Summary
BeanUtilsParser IPaser that is using the BeanUtils for setting JavaBeans.
The current solution is not elegant.
Constants This just contains a lot of constants.
DoubleCalculations There are precision issues when doing calculations with double
Headings Class containing headings for results tables.
MapOperations Map Operations utility class.
XXX this should not contain references to any other packages.

Enum Summary
LineType Enum for with types for Lines.
PointType Enum for with types for Points.

Package org.shapelogic.util Description

Utility, miscellanies

In order to lower interdependency between packages, put commonly used thing in this.

There should not be any dependencies in this package to other packages.


Any constants that are used multiple places.


Any types that are used multiple places.


Some calculations.

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