Class ListCalcIndexStream1<In,E>

  extended by org.shapelogic.streams.BaseCommonStream<E>
      extended by org.shapelogic.streams.BaseListCommonStream<E>
          extended by org.shapelogic.streams.BaseListIndexedStream1<In,E>
              extended by org.shapelogic.streams.ListCalcIndexStream1<In,E>
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.lang.Iterable<E>, java.util.Iterator<E>, CalcValue<E>, ContextGettable, LazyCalc<E>, RecursiveContext, IndexedInputStream1<In,E>, ListStream<E>, NumberedStream<E>, Stream<E>, StreamProperties

public class ListCalcIndexStream1<In,E>
extends BaseListIndexedStream1<In,E>

Make a stream that is using a Transformer class to do a calculation.
In type does not seem to be used.
XXX This should be called ListCalcIndexStream1 or something close to that.

Sami Badawi

Field Summary
protected  CalcIndex1<In,E> _calc
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Fields inherited from class org.shapelogic.streams.BaseCommonStream
_context, _current, _dirty, _last, _maxLast, _name, _nullLegalValue, _parentContext, _query, _value
Constructor Summary
ListCalcIndexStream1(CalcIndex1<In,E> transformer)
ListCalcIndexStream1(CalcIndex1<In,E> transformer, int maxLast)
ListCalcIndexStream1(CalcIndex1<In,E> calc, NumberedStream<In> inputStream)
ListCalcIndexStream1(CalcIndex1<In,E> calc, NumberedStream<In> inputStream, int maxLast)
Method Summary
 E invoke(In input, int index)
          Closure to calculated 1 individual element based on index and input for the same index.
Methods inherited from class org.shapelogic.streams.BaseListIndexedStream1
getInput, getInputStream, getList, invokeIndex, setLastFromInput, setList
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calcAddNext, get, getCurrentSize, hasNext, hasNextBase, isCached, isRandomAccess, iterator, next
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getContext, getInContext, getIndex, getLast, getMaxLast, getName, getParentContext, getValue, isDeterministic, isDirty, isNullLegalValue, remove, setMaxLast, setNullLegalValue, setup
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isDirty, setup
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Field Detail


protected CalcIndex1<In,E> _calc
Constructor Detail


public ListCalcIndexStream1(CalcIndex1<In,E> calc,
                            NumberedStream<In> inputStream,
                            int maxLast)


public ListCalcIndexStream1(CalcIndex1<In,E> calc,
                            NumberedStream<In> inputStream)


public ListCalcIndexStream1(CalcIndex1<In,E> transformer)


public ListCalcIndexStream1()


public ListCalcIndexStream1(CalcIndex1<In,E> transformer,
                            int maxLast)
Method Detail


public E invoke(In input,
                int index)
Description copied from interface: IndexedInputStream1
Closure to calculated 1 individual element based on index and input for the same index. Should later just call the invoke on the closure. Maybe this should be moved up later.

index - of element in list

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