Interface Predicate<E>

All Known Subinterfaces:
FilterStream<E>, ListFilterStream<E>, NamedPredicate<T>
All Known Implementing Classes:
AllPredicate, AnyPredicate, BaseListFilterStream, CompositePredicate, FunctionPredicate, NamedPredicateDecorator, OnePredicate, OnePredicateSelector, PredicateListFilterStream, TruePredicate

public interface Predicate<E>

Predicate with 1 arguments.

Predicate is close to the Apache Commons Predicate.

But defined independently since there is to little to justify coupling ShapeLogic to Apache Commons.
But can be replaced with Apache Commons Predicate later if needed.

Sami Badawi

Method Summary
 boolean evaluate(E input)
          Checks if a binary predicate relation holds.

Method Detail


boolean evaluate(E input)
Checks if a binary predicate relation holds.

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