Package org.shapelogic.imageutil



Interface Summary
GuiWrapper Interface for very limited GUI.
HasArea For anything that can have an area.
This might be changed to return double at some point.
HasPixelArea To chain more PixelHandlers.
HasSLImage Property interface for SLImage.
ImageOperation Modifies a image.
PixelHandler Interface for anything that can handle an isolated pixel.
PixelHandlerEnds PixelHandler with hooks for calling method at the beginning and ends of each line.
SLImage Very thin abstraction around ImageJ.
You should be able to open based on different things.
What type of images should you have and how should the be accessible?
I think that maybe having a small subset of what is in an ImageJ ImageProcessor should be enough for most things in ShapeLogic.

Class Summary
BaseImageOperation Class to subclass when writing filters.
IJGui Very thin wrapper around ImageJ showMessage().
IJImage Abstraction of ImageJ ImageProcessor.
The other main implementation should probably be build on top of BufferedImage.
ImageJConstants Constants defined in ImageJ.
In order to decouple the image processing algorithm from ImageJ.
ImageUtil Utility class for images.
PixelArea SegmentArea holds the information.
PixelAreaHandler Run a PixelHanler in a given area using ImageJ.
This class was the beginning of SLImage, the image abstraction from ImageJ.
PixelHandlerOperation PixelHandlerOperation excecutes a PixelHandler on an image.
PlugInFilterAdapter Adapter from SLImageFilter to PlugInFilter.
PlugInFilterCaller Shows how how to call one PlugInFilter from another.
Used to be called org.shapelogic.imageutil.PlugInFilterCaller_, but that caused it to show up in the ImageJ memu.
This is important for unit testing.
SLBufferedImage Abstraction of ImageJ ImageProcessor.
This is an attempt to get Java BufferedImage to look like the ImageJ ImageProcessor.
They are not perfectly matched.
I think that I should make the assumption that this is either a
24 or 32 bit RGB
8 bit gray
And fail the creation if it is not.

Package org.shapelogic.imageutil Description


Classes for images, image operations and abstraction of images.

This contains a abstraction over 2 main image types are are currently supported.
It also contain other abstract image concepts that are used by image processing, but not doing image processing.


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