Class MaxDistanceVectorizer

  extended by org.shapelogic.imageutil.BaseImageOperation
      extended by org.shapelogic.imageprocessing.BaseVectorizer
          extended by org.shapelogic.imageprocessing.BaseMaxDistanceVectorizer
              extended by org.shapelogic.imageprocessing.MaxDistanceVectorizer
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.lang.Runnable, java.util.Iterator<Polygon>, IPixelTypeFinder, LazyPlugInFilter<Polygon>, PixelJumperByte, ImageOperation

public class MaxDistanceVectorizer
extends BaseMaxDistanceVectorizer

Vectorizer that is splitting lines based on max distance to line between end points. The main idea is that this will read a whole multi line at a time. Then later it will split it according to max distance of pixels to the line between start and end point of the multi line. Maybe this could be completely abstracted out, maybe but at that point I will just take most of this class and turn it into a base class. Always stop on junctions, if there is one junction point use that, but stop after. N points are chosen last. Never go from one N point to another. If you are at a start point then just chose one direction. Can I delegate this to a different object. I always need to find all the neighbors first. I might have to know how many N points there are if there are more just add all to _unfinishedPoints. Treatment of different points: Junction: add to new point, move to first junction. N points: count, keep track of first. Other: count, keep track of first. Unused: count, keep track of first. I think that is already done. Used: count, keep track of first. For each junction add to unfinished. Go to first junction. If other points are available take first and go to it. If only N point is available, if current point an N stop else go to that. When coming to a new point check if it is a junction if stop if not on first point. It does not matter if the start point is used or not. I think that at the end check to see if you can go to either a junction point or to the start point.

Sami Badawi

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.shapelogic.imageprocessing.BaseMaxDistanceVectorizer
Fields inherited from class org.shapelogic.imageprocessing.BaseVectorizer
_cleanedupPolygon, _currentDirection, _currentPixelIndex, _currentPoint, _cyclePoints, _displayInternalInfo, _endPointsClusters, _errorMessage, _firstPointInLineIndex, _firstPointInMultiLine, _matchingOH, _maxX, _maxY, _minX, _minY, _nextCount, _numberOfPointsInAllLines, _pixels, _pixelTypeCalculator, _pixelTypeFinder, _rulesArrayForLetterMatching, _stream, _streamName, _unfinishedPoints, _yForUnporcessedPixel, MAX_DISTANCE_BETWEEN_CLUSTER_POINTS, STRAIGHT_LINE_COLOR
Fields inherited from class org.shapelogic.imageutil.BaseImageOperation
_arg, _guiWrapper, _image, _keyValueParser, _setupReturnValue
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
Methods inherited from class org.shapelogic.imageprocessing.BaseMaxDistanceVectorizer
findMultiLine, findMultiLinePostProcess, findMultiLinePreProcess, findNextLinePoint, handleProblematicPoints, init, internalFactory, lastPixelOk
Methods inherited from class org.shapelogic.imageprocessing.BaseVectorizer
addToUnfinishedPoints, cleanPolygon, countRegionCrossingsAroundPoint, drawLine, drawLines, findAllLines, findFirstLinePoint, findPointType, getCleanedupPolygon, getCyclePoints, getErrorMessage, getImageProcessor, getMatchingOH, getMaxX, getMaxY, getMinX, getMinY, getPixels, getPoints, getPolygon, getStream, getStreamName, hasNext, isPixelUsed, matchLines, moveCurrentPointForwards, next, oppesiteDirection, pixelIndexToPoint, pointToPixelIndex, pointToPixelIndex, polygonFactory, remove, run, setStreamName
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getGuiWrapper, getImage, getKeyValueParser, getSetupReturnValue, isImageValid, setArg, setGuiWrapper, setKeyValueParser, setSetupReturnValue, setup, showAbout, showMessage
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Constructor Detail


public MaxDistanceVectorizer()

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