Writing documentation for ShapeLogic

Writing documentation for ShapeLogic is very easy.

Documentation is written in a simple wiki format called, apt, which is documented here http://maven.apache.org/doxia/references/apt-format.html

After that you just run the Maven site task, that will rebuild the site.

There are a few idiosyncrasies and gotchas, that is described here.

Building documentation site www.shapelogic.org locally

Just run Maven command

mvn site

This will build the site locally under the shapelogic/target/site.

One problem is that the images and css directories are not getting moved. So you have to manually move them from shapelogic/src/site to shapelogic/target/site. Or set up a little script to do the same.

How to add a new page

Go to the site.xml page and find a place where the page fits well and add it there.

Format used:

<menu name="shapelogic">
  <item name="Home" href="index.html"/>
  <item name="Getting Started" href="getting-started.html"/>
  <item name="Download" href="http://code.google.com/p/shapelogic/downloads/list"/>
  <item name="General" href="index.html" collapse="true">
    <item name="Google Code Hosting" href="http://code.google.com/p/shapelogic"/>
    <item name="FAQ" href="faq.html"/>

How is www.shapelogic.org set up

It is mainly just an upload of this build directory shapelogic/target/site.

But on the site there are also snapshots of what www.shapelogic.org looked like at the time of each release. This is to maintain documentation for old version.


Internet explore

IE 6 cannot display images with transparencies

Solution do not use them.